Things I have learned from watching BTS: American Hustle Life ep 1:


  • Thinking of taking on J-hope in a dance battle?….FUCK THAT
  • Half asleep Rapmon could give no shits over people being scared
  • Nervous J-hope looks like he’s gonna murder everyone
  • Suga is hardcore as fuck
  • All Suga gives a shit about is the state of his hair with no hat
  • Despite being ‘kidnapped, locked in a room’ V will always end things with a friendly ‘see you’
  • Never let V talk to people on first introductions



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BTS American Hustle Life - Ep. 1


i feel like suga knew this was fake 

brotha always knows when shit fake

American Hustle Life Ep 1 in a Nutshell


Rap Mon: done

Jimin: done

Jin: done

Yoongi: done as fuck

Hoseok: scared as fuck

Jungkook: poor little one who has no clue what’s going on and has cute iron man socks

Taehyung: excited to turn up

Coolio: done


[confirmed] kim taehyung has no sense of fear

v with pink hair requested by anonymous

Q: Feelings on the surprise hijacking? (J-Hope ver.)

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